why are we using dvr like it is a vhs tape

The entire concept behind current DVR technology confuses me. Take for example DirecTV. I have their DVR service. For the most part, the signal I get from them is perfect. Occasionally, when the weather is horrendous, we lose signal. So I think to myself, “Hey! What a perfect opportunity to watch some of the stuff I have on DVR”. The only problem is, when I click play on that program I recorded and completely forgot about, it can’t play. For some reason, a file stored locally has to be able to talk back to central command before it can play back. Perfect.

So based off of that logic, when a really nasty storm comes through when I am recording something I really want to watch (Dr. Who for example) and knocks out my reception for an hour, the recording should be synced with central command and be fine. Right? Wrong! I have an hour long recording of the commercial the recording froze on when the weather front came through.

Why not simply set limitations to what I am able to “record”. Then, if I am within those parameters, just download the show to my DVR. That guarantees the entire program was captured. And if the system has to talk to central command during playback and for some reason can’t, store whatever crucial information is needed in a log file that uploads once connection is restored.

Apparently this is rocket science. Of course there are probably ancient FCC rules that limit new technologies ability to improve media consumption but this shouldn’t be so complicated.

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