Replace the roll

Driving to Bloomington this evening I started thinking about the type of people I want around me. There are tons of sports analogies that are used every day. Managers are “quarterbacks” direct reports are the “offensive line”, etc. The problem with  these is that at the end of the day, the “O-line” can do everything right and the “QB” can blow the pass/hand-off, fumble the ball or audible to the wrong play. Each person becomes a linchpin to failure. One wrong move and the entire team loses. People are constantly being forced into being reactive.

I propose a different analogy. One that is familiar to all of us. One that forces people to be proactive rather than reactive. Always thinking ahead rather than waiting for the next bombshell to drop.

Replace the roll.

Think about it. The last place you want to find yourself is indisposed and out of that little roll of paper product. Sure you should have looked before you went in but you were in a rush. Now you are stuck with options. (I’m not going into those here.)

Surround yourself with people who replace the roll and you never have to worry about getting caught with your pants down. Be proactive not reactive. Get everyone thinking and acting that way and you are destined to stay a step ahead of the competition and not get stuck in the stall.

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3 Responses to Replace the roll

  1. Neal Cross says:

    I like the analogy. It seems like not only will few people change the roll, they will start panicking about the roll being out. Even if there is a new roll within arm’s reach, metaphorically speaking.

  2. Jess says:

    What about those of us who just throw the roll on all willy nilly or sometimes just put it on the side of the tub? What if our dogs eat the roll? In these cases should I delegate roll replacement?

  3. davideisert says:

    Funny that you bring up that point. I posted up a follow-up that addresses that very point. While delegation is most certainly necessary at times, I would challenge that delegation not be abused.

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