Over the top or down the back

It was pointed out to me that I may have missed a very important detail in my “replace the roll” analogy. I take it for granted because I know very few people who would ever make this mistake but I have run into the problem in the past. It is one thing to replace the roll, it is another to replace it properly.

So what is the proper replacement? Is it over the top or down the back?

Of course, this is an analogy. Getting too literal at this point would make things uncomfortable. So how does this work out?

The answer is really simple. People who replace the roll down the back are those who do just enough. They get the job done but not always as good as it could be. They are satisfied with simply meeting expectations. People who replace the roll over the top are detail oriented. They are committed to not just doing the job but doing it right; every time. Over the top people strive to do the best work possible with the given time, budget and resources. They have a commitment to excellence.

So to cap off the analogy, I want to surround myself with over the top roll replacers. What is your over under?

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