just ask the right question

My department recently went through a reorganization that moved me into a new role that isn’t clearly defined. I found myself lost and confused. The day of the announcement I asked my new supervisor how I win. She wasn’t able to answer that question.

I spent the entire next week confused, wondering, hypothesising, assuming, worrying. Today I finally had a follow-up with my boss. I explained the current status of my direct reports, contractors, and issues. We then started talking loosely about my new role. She still had questions she was working through with her boss. But then it happened. I asked the question I should have asked on day 1, “What should I be doing right now to start moving in the right direction?”

I really don’t know what I was thinking the first time we met. How could I possible think she would have the vision for my new role completely mapped out and ready for me to execute. I realize now that I am in a position to define how I walk down the new path that has been laid before me. It’s with this new found understanding that I look at tomorrow completely different than I have the entire last week.

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