i am not a(n)…

Analyst, Project Manager, Architect, etc. 

All of these titles are common claims to fame. Certifications exist which validate one’s arrival in each professional domain. Discipline experts, with these titles and certifications, are targeted and compensated for their acceptance in these clubs. These are all great things. Why would anyone not want to be a part of one or more of these clubs?

For me, that answer is simple. Each is too narrowly focused to define the way I think, the way I work, and the kind of people I want to interact with. 

I believe in entrepreneurial thinkers. People willing to take what they know and think through problems in new and imaginative ways. People willing to wear every hat required to innovate. 

I am the chapter president for one of the above referenced certification bodies. So why would I advocate against the very thing I’m trying to grow and represent? Because growing a chapter is an entrepreneurial endeavor. It’s less, for me, about the narrowly focused content of the discipline, and more about taking that expertise and expanding how our customers think of their roles and capabilities. 

Do I advocate certifications? Absolutely! But the certification alone will not make you a better asset to an organization. It’s only after you take the knowledge you’ve gained and deploy it in innovative ways that you’ll truly deliver value. 

Be more than your title. 

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