cold hard facts

One of the major benefits of being employed by a larger corporation is that they offer incentives for leading a healthy lifestyle. Today, I attended my second health coaching session and learned more about myself in 45 minutes than I’ve ever been willing to admit.

First, I am general eating well. Sure, like most I have my vices, but for the most part I am doing the right things.

Then my coach dropped the hammer. I struggle to get started. Most people can relate to this. It usually goes something like, “I’m going to start working out on Monday”. Well, as you can imagine, that was at least 4 Mondays ago and I’m still not doing anything. I have plenty of excuses why I haven’t started but they are just that, excuses.

Coach wasn’t done. After some probing questions we got to one of my biggest challenges. For me, it is all or nothing. If I’m going to start a program like P90X I’m either going to commit to the entire thing or do nothing at all. I found that this mindset applies to a lot of things I face. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it can be controlled, but clearly I’m not always securely in the drivers seat.

It will take many more coaching sessions before I can change my perspective on things, but understanding the challenges before you is half the battle. I’m not quite sure what the next step is. I do know however, that tomorrow starts my 90 day run at P90X.

All or nothing…

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