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tough days are tough

Survived a pretty rough day at work. Reorganizations are never easy but when there are announcements about when it will happen and then there are delays in the timeline it adds a lot of stress and frustration. Ultimately in my … Continue reading

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cold hard facts

One of the major benefits of being employed by a larger corporation is that they offer incentives for leading a healthy lifestyle. Today, I attended my second health coaching session and learned more about myself in 45 minutes than I’ve … Continue reading

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making a comeback

I took a twitter hiatus shortly after the start of the year. Part of my absence was driven by a change in jobs; restrictive IT policies, an outdated “smart”phone, and an overall need to focus on the task at hand. The break was needed. I spent my time acquiring new skills, doing some personal reflection, and enjoying watching the twins grow. Continue reading

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you aren’t where you work

I recently changed jobs. Doing so required a lot of reflection on exactly where I am in my career and where I want to go. I learned a lot through the process but it wasn’t until yesterday that I came … Continue reading

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