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I recently put in a large order of reading material at work. All of the books were on my favorites list and were really just an opportunity to enlighten others at work. I did decide however to take a chance on an author that was recommended at a recent seminar, Patrick Lencioni.

I opted for “The Three Signs of a Miserable Job”. Now, I don’t have a miserable. As a matter of fact, I actually really enjoy my job. I was drawn to this book as it was written in fable form. It did not disappoint. The story was compelling and felt real. The disciplines within sound simple but require perseverance to be successful.

Instead of buying more books for others, I think I’m going to try something very simple. I’m going to tape a sign-up sheet to the inside of my copy. Then, I’m going to pass it around to other managers around me. I’ll as that they print their name on the left side to track who has read the book and sign the right side if they will commit to what the book outlines. I wonder how quickly I can get 10 people committed and talking about irrelevance, immeasurement, and anonymity: job misery.

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